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2D/3D Guardian

Master your Skies! Based on Eagle Tree's proven inertial stabilization technology, the Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer is a must-have product for your model. The Guardian smoothes out air turbulence, but does much more. Unlike cheap “gyro stabilizers," it provides true wing levelling capability to help recover from lost orientation!

2D/3D Guardian

  1. Part No:RL-GUA-2D-3D
    £61.69 ( £51.41 Ex. VAT)

    Guardian™ 2D/3D Inertial Stabilizer
  2. Part No:RL-USB-MIC
    £2.35 ( £1.96 Ex. VAT)

    1.8m USB cable for use with Guardian 2D/3D
  3. Part No:RL-GUA-CAB
    £10.33 ( £8.61 Ex. VAT)

    Extended 300mm/ 12" Receiver Connection Harness for Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer
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