Aoyue 2703A CPU Controlled PCB Work Station

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Aoyue 2703A CPU Controlled PCB Work Station. Includes Hot Air Gun, Desoldering Gun and Soldering Iron with Fume Extraction.

  • ESD Safe, Multi function work station - With Hot Air Gun, Desoldering Gun and 70W Soldering Iron with Fume Extraction
  • Dual Port System - Allows simultaneous use of the desoldering gun and soldering iron
  • Microprocessor Controlled Work Station - With LED display and touch type controls allowing clear and accurate setting of the hot air temperature, air pressure, desoldering gun temperature and soldering iron temperature
  • New Turbine Design Hot Air Gun - To provide a more even heat flow
  • 80W Desoldering Gun with Changeable Nozzle Sizes - Uses Diaphragm Pump
  • LF-Type Easily Replaceable Solder Tip Cartridges - Solder tip cartridge simply pulls out of the soldering iron for quick change between tips. Cartridge incorporates the heating element providing maintenance free replacement
  • Soldering Iron Fume Extraction - With two carbon filters supplied
  • Auto Sleep mode - For turning Soldering Iron / Desoldering Gun off when left idle for a long period
  • Adjustable 1 - 20 Minute Stand-by / auto sleep mode - For Hot Air Gun. Returns to previous settings when the handle is held up again
  • Auto Cool-off mode - Starts to blow cool air when the hot air is switched off until reaching a temperature of 100 degreesC, ensuring safety and prolonging life of the heating element

Aoyue 2703A CPU Controlled PCB Work Station

Note - The function of the fume extraction can not be used on the soldering iron while de soldering simultaneously

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Product Contains

  • Aoyue 2703A Work Station.
  • 500W Hot Air Gun.
  • Air Nozzles.
  • 70W Soldering Iron with Smoke Absorber.
  • Soldering Iron Stand with Solder Reel Holder (solder not included).
  • Soldering Iron Tip with Heating Element.
  • 939 Vacuum Suction Pen.
  • IC Removal Tool.
  • Carbon Filter.
  • Desoldering Gun.
  • Filter Spring.
  • Nozzle Cleaning pin.
  • Desoldering tips.
  • 6 Filter Pads.
  • Filter Vacuum Cap.
  • Power Cord.
  • Solder Tip Cleaner.
  • Soldering Iron Sponge.
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