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Vector FPV

This is the Eagle Tree Vector FPV series and additional parts. Years in the making, and built from the ground up with simplicity in mind, the eagle tree Vector has everything we hobbyists have dreamed about for our recreational FPV models, in one small, lightweight easy to use product. 


Vector FPV

  1. Part No:RL-VEC-USB
    £1.99 ( £1.66 Ex. VAT)

    USB Cable for Eagle Tree Vector 2 metres USB-A to Mini-B
  2. Part No:RL-MV-CAB-GPS
    £4.52 ( £3.77 Ex. VAT)

    This cable lets you easily connect the MicroVector/Vector to Eagle Trees GPS system. Simply plug them in and get flying!
  3. Part No:RL-PITOT-V3-MNT
    £4.86 ( £4.05 Ex. VAT)

    Mount for Pitot Tube - PITOT-V3
  4. Part No:RL-TEMP
    £8.12 ( £6.77 Ex. VAT)

    NTC Thermistor loop Temperature Sensor 0-220°C
  5. Part No:RL-MC-TEMP
    £8.12 ( £6.77 Ex. VAT)

    Micro Temperature Probe Sensor 0-120°C
    £8.50 ( £7.08 Ex. VAT)

    Eagle Tree Systems - Vector GPS Module Stand
  7. Part No:RL-VEC-CAB-FATS
    £8.66 ( £7.22 Ex. VAT)

    Vector Plug-and-Play AV Cables for FatShark / IRC
    £9.72 ( £8.10 Ex. VAT)

    Vector Plug-and-Play AV Cables for GoPro Cameras
  9. Part No:RL-VEC-EX-30CM
    £10.15 ( £8.46 Ex. VAT)

    Looking for a longer cable for your Vector? Our extended length six channel receiver connection harness (12"/300mm) will provide the extra length you need!
  10. Part No:RL-VEC-RPM
    £11.12 ( £9.27 Ex. VAT)

    Vector Brushless Motor RPM Sensor V2
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