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FPV Accessories

The EagleEyesTM FPV Station integrates four of the main components you need for FPV on the ground, at a cost that's lower than many of the individual components presently available!

FPV Accessories

  1. Part No:RL-MON-10
    Ex VAT £119.81 Inc VAT £143.77
    RC-Log FPV First Person View 10.1" LCD Monitor.
  2. Part No:RL-LCD
    Ex VAT £17.12 Inc VAT £20.54
    PowerPanel LCD Display for Micropower e-Logger and EagleEyes FPV
  3. Part No:RL-EAG-EYE
    Ex VAT £55.28 Inc VAT £66.34
    FPV Ground-Station with Diverse Antenna Tracking.
  4. Part No:RC-500MW
    Ex VAT £82.38 Inc VAT £98.86
    500mW 5.8GHz Video/ Audio High Power Transmitter and Receiver Kit
  5. Part No:RC-CAM-PAN-TILT
    Ex VAT £52.13 Inc VAT £62.56
    Pan / Tilt Camera System For FPV
  6. Part No:RL-EAG-CASE
    Ex VAT £7.26 Inc VAT £8.71
    Clear Case For Eagle Tree Eagle Eyes FVP Station
  7. Part No:RL-PAN-TILT
    Ex VAT £39.57 Inc VAT £47.48
    Mounting for Pan / Tilt Antenna Tracker Designed for EagleEyes FPV Station
  8. Part No:RL-PAN-TILT-HO
    Ex VAT £5.37 Inc VAT £6.44
    Extra Sidecar Holder for Antenna Pan/Tilt Systems
  9. Part No:RL-PAN-TILT-CAM
    Ex VAT £14.52 Inc VAT £17.42
    Camera Pan and Tilt Kit
    Ex VAT £33.89 Inc VAT £40.67
    GoProHD Pan and Tilt Kit
  11. Part No:RL-PAN-TILT-RAD
    Ex VAT £22.26 Inc VAT £26.71
    Radian FPV Pan/Tilt Pod Kit
  12. Part No:RL-PAN-TILT-EASY
    Ex VAT £22.26 Inc VAT £26.71
    Easy Glider FPV Pan/Tilt Pod Kit
  13. Part No:RL-PAN-TILT-SKYS
    Ex VAT £22.26 Inc VAT £26.71
    Sky Surfer FPV Pan/Tilt Pod Kit (Fits Bixler V1)
  14. Part No:RL-PAN-TILT-TWIN
    Ex VAT £22.26 Inc VAT £26.71
    TwinStar FPV Pan/Tilt Pod Kit
  15. Part No:RL-PAN-TILT-WALK
    Ex VAT £22.26 Inc VAT £26.71
    SkyWalker FPV Pan/Tilt Pod Kit