EU Companies - VAT (IVA) Registration

If you are a member of the EU and are VAT (IVA) Registered then you may be eligible for 0% VAT from your order (Excluding UK Companies), you must first follow the below steps:

Step 1:
Click on the below link and create an account.

Step 2:
Once submitted, please use the below e-mail form to notify us that you have submitted your account request, and provide proof of your VAT (IVA) number, any one of the below is required:

Copy of your VAT (IVA) Registration Certificate.
or Copy of your Company Letter Head that has the VAT /IVA on it.
or Copy of an invoice/purchase order that displays your VAT / IVA number on it.

Step 3:
Please wait for for e-mail conformation that your account has been set up, once this has been activated you can then log in and VAT 0% prices will appear. If your account is still showing VAT please contact us.

Thank you.