Flight Case Spare Parts

Our range of Flight Case Spare Parts and Accessories. Perfect for replacing existing case parts or for creating custom cases.

Flight Case Spare Parts

  1. Part No:EN-AC-FH-A1070
    £0.24 ( £0.20 Ex. VAT)

    Whether you want to reinforce your case to make it more durable or just simply customise your case to make it look more presentable then the silver brace piece will do the trick.
  2. Part No:EN-AC-FH-A1066
    £0.30 ( £0.25 Ex. VAT)

    Silver case corner piece, for creating a custom case or spare parts.
  3. Part No:EN-AC-FH-A1009
    £0.49 ( £0.41 Ex. VAT)

    Silver Block Quick Catch
  4. Part No:EN-AC-FH-A1014
    £0.60 ( £0.50 Ex. VAT)

    Silver Quick Catch
  5. Part No:EN-AC-FH-A1070-PK4
    £0.91 ( £0.76 Ex. VAT)

    These silver brace pieces can be For creating a custom case, or for spares - 4 pieces in this pack
  6. Part No:EN-AC-FH-A2011
    £1.01 ( £0.84 Ex. VAT)

    Silver Quick Catch With Padlock Loop
  7. Part No:EN-AC-LC-CAE
    £1.20 ( £1.00 Ex. VAT)

    Cases and Enclosures Flight Case Combination Padlock
  8. Part No:EN-AC-FH-A1122
    £1.26 ( £1.05 Ex. VAT)

    Silver 90 Degree Hold Hinge
  9. Part No:EN-AC-FH-A1007
    £1.31 ( £1.09 Ex. VAT)

    A simple catch with lock, supplied with one key, Ideal for adding protection to items within small cases
  10. Part No:EN-AC-LC-NL
    £1.32 ( £1.10 Ex. VAT)

    Resettable Combination Padlock for Flight Case
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