Gift Ideas

Whether it's for birthdays, father's day, Christmas, you name it. We've got something for every occasion. Here are some of our favourites

Gift Ideas

  1. Part No:RL-VEC-DEANS
    £194.99 ( £162.49 Ex. VAT)

  2. Part No:US-CU-DI-2L
    £84.54 ( £70.45 Ex. VAT)

    2 Litre Digital Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaner, 2L Tank with Heated Bath -220V
  3. Part No:US-CU-BU-0.7L
    £47.75 ( £39.79 Ex. VAT)

    0.7 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaner, 0.7L Tank -220V
  4. Part No:US-CU-BU-3L
    £122.54 ( £102.12 Ex. VAT)

    3 Litre Dial Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaner, 3L Tank with Heated Bath -220V
  5. Part No:SI-929
    £17.30 ( £14.42 Ex. VAT)

    Adjustable Desktop Magnifying Lamp, for Home, Office or Work Bench...
  6. Part No:US-SO-CAR-1L
    £9.14 ( £7.62 Ex. VAT)

    A concentrated ultrasonic Cleaner fluid designed in the UK to clean carburettors and engine parts, also machine parts and metal units.
  7. Part No:US-SO-ULT-1L
    £9.13 ( £7.61 Ex. VAT)

    A concentrated ultrasonic Cleaner fluid designed in the UK to clean assist the ultrasonic cleaning process, ideal for use on a wide range of materials including plastics, metals, glass, and more.
  8. Part No:RL-GUA-2D-3D
    £61.69 ( £51.41 Ex. VAT)

    Guardian™ 2D/3D Inertial Stabilizer
  9. Sale
    Part No:MEB-MW110-15DBL
    Special Price £23.93 ( £19.94 Ex. VAT) Regular Price: £52.20

    150mm (6") Digitronic Digital Caliper - Moore and Wright Basic Line 110-DBL Series MW110-15DBL. UKAS Calibration is available for this Caliper.
  10. Part No:HT-MF-KIT-37PC
    £25.00 ( £20.83 Ex. VAT)

    37 Piece Multi-Tool Attachment Set - Including sander, saw blades, grout removal blades, scraper, and polishing pad. Ideal for tradesmen, electricians, builders, roofers, carpenters, joiners, kitchen fitters, handyman services, hobbyists, DIY and more!
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