Glide Sailplane / Soaring System
Glide Sailplane / Soaring System Glide Sailplane / Soaring System google-blackrock1175093494460a80f6914fd amp_graph_la1175093494460a80f68f1d9 laptop_la1175093494460a80f68de51 Glide Sailplane / Soaring System

Glide Sailplane / Soaring System

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Data Logger for Sailplane/ Gliders, with built in Variometer Altimeter and live telemetry
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    Key Features
  • Real Time Data From Your Model on the Included Seagull Wireless Dashboard - displayed on the built in LCD or via USB on MS Windows laptop or PC
  • Full Varying-tone Variometer - employing electronic total energy compensation, based on changes in Airspeed
  • Minimum Sinkrate, Climbrate, Averaging Period, and other Flight Monitoring Parameters - fully adjustable while your plane is in the air
  • Small Self-contained LCD Telemetry Receiver - attaches simply to your radio unit
  • 433MHz @ 10mW Output - for up to 1000m range
  • Dashboard is a USB Peripheral - plug the receiver into your laptop to get full screen live display, graphing and unlimited recording
  • Metric / Imperial Units Supported
  • More Sensors Available - to measure Amps, Pack Volts, G-Force, EGT, GPS etc
  • The Variometer Produces a Varying Tone - which changes as you ascend or descend at different rates. When ascending, the tone will be broken, with the tone frequency increasing as the rate of ascent increases. When descending, the tone will be continuous,
  • Record up to 11 Channels of Data from your Model
  • Real-Time Telemetry Available via Seagull Wireless Dashboard - purchased separately
  • All Data Logged to Permanent Memory - retained when power is removed

Glide Sailplane / Soaring System

Key Specifications 

Glider Transmitter

Frequency Range 433MHz
Maximum Output Power  10mW
Dimensions 38 x 14 x 4mm
Weight 4 grams
Temps 40 to 85°C
Tx Antenna Short Wire
Power from Recorder/ Rx Batt
Current <60mA Tx+Logger
Tx Range Up to 1000m


Sensitivity <-110dBm
Rx Antenna Stainless Whip
Temps  0 to 60°C (0 to 140°F)
Variometer Speaker/ Earphone
Battery 9v PP3
Sensitivity 16x2 LCD


Speed Measurement 4 to 300 mph
Altitude Measurement 0 to 9,753m (0 to 32,000')
Temp Measurement Dual o/p 0 to 220°C (0 to 434°F)
Operational Voltage  4.35 to 7V
Sample Rate 1 to 10 per/sec (adjustable)
Dimensions 50x35x17mm (1.97x1.38x0.67")
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