Digital Calipers are available to suit many different applications, this Digital Caliper (part no: ME-CAL-ARC-150) is perfect for measuring an external arc/radius with a resolution of 0.01mm (0.0005 inch). It has an easy to read LCD display and comes with a secure wooden storage case, spare battery and an instructions booklet.

This Digital Caliper is constructed with hardened precision angled jaws, to give an accurate radius reading every time. As long as the caliper is touching on both measuring jaws and the top scale beam, it will give an accurate radius measurement up to 150mm/6inches ( for measuring items up to 300mm diameter). This caliper can be used for measuring items such as brake discs, machine parts, steel pipes, rounded parts and any other item which has a radius to be measured. On larger items such as brake discs only a section of the item is required to be exposed to take a radius reading.

For more information on this 150mm Arc/Radius Digital  Caliper, please contact us today or visit the product webpage here.