There are more than 9 billion WIFI devices in the world and everyone is looking for the strongest & fastest connection speed, and it’s about to get a lot faster. However, the next generation of WIFI (known as WIFI 6) isn’t just about simply boosting the speed. It brings more benefits for our future-facing upgrades designed to make sure our internet speeds don’t suddenly decrease in a few years’ time. The new WIFI 6 is starting to arrive this year, and there’s a good chance it’ll be inside your latest technologies at home and at work.

A new naming system, from the WIFI Alliance, identifies WIFI generations by a numerical sequence making it much easier to understand the technology on offer:

• Wi-Fi6 are devices that support 802.11ax technology

• Wi-Fi5 are devices that support 802.11ac technology

• Wi-Fi4 are devices that support 802.11n technology

But how fast is WIFI 6? The short answer is 9.6 Gbps which is up from 3.5 Gbps on WIFI 5. However, both of these speeds are ‘in theory’ the maximums and which you’ll be unlikely to reach in real-world WIFI use, bearing in mind the typical download speed is just 72 Mbps. The good thing is that this 9.6 Gbps doesn’t have to go to a single computer, it can actually be split up across a whole network of devices, resulting in more potential speed for each device. There are two key technologies speeding up WIFI 6 connections: MU-MIMO and OFDMA.

It's not just lightning speeds though, WIFI 6 also allows routers to communicate with more devices at once, lets routers send data to multiple devices in the same broadcast, lets WIFI devices schedule check-ins with the router, improves battery life of your devices and better security.

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