As seen on Episode 24, Series 4 of The Repair Shop - Music box maestro, Stephen Kember is on hand to welcome an unusual item into the barn: a wooden bench from Switzerland, with two carved bears, proudly standing sentinel on either side of a seat that plays a tune when sat upon.

Our Ultrasonic Cleaner features in this episode to clean the musical mechanism (called the Guvnor) which helps regulate the speed the mechanism turns. Stephen says; “This is a lovely and gentle way of shaking all of the debris out of the Guvnor and all of the congealed oil out of the bearings. It will do a lovely job and there will be no abrasion, no risk from cleaning of scrubbing, it’s just going to do its job.” As the musical mechanism is then taken out after the cleaning cycle has finished, Stephen says; “We’ve got a beautifully sparkly clean Guvnor… now it’s running quite nicely.”

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