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Miscellaneous RC Tools

Allendale Electronics also offer a wide range of measuring tools and soldering equipment and we are sure that you will find something useful We have included a small selection below. For our complete ranges please visit for measuring or visit to view our soldering equipment.

Miscellaneous RC Tools

  1. Part No:ME-CAL-TOL-200
    £29.60 ( £24.67 Ex. VAT)

    0-200mm (8") digital calipers with tolerance function. UKAS Calibration is available for this Caliper.
  2. Part No:SC-SRA-NC-6337-31-2
    £6.56 ( £5.47 Ex. VAT)

    SRA No Clean Flux Core Solder 63/37 0.78mm 57g Reel
  3. Part No:WR100
    £27.50 ( £22.92 Ex. VAT)

    6 Inch (150mm) Fractional Imperial Digital Calipers which can display the decimal inch and fractions or display in mm.
  4. Part No:US-SO-CAR-1L
    £9.14 ( £7.62 Ex. VAT)

    A concentrated ultrasonic Cleaner fluid designed in the UK to clean carburettors and engine parts, also machine parts and metal units.
  5. Part No:US-SO-SEM-1L
    £9.14 ( £7.62 Ex. VAT)

    A concentrated ultrasonic Cleaner fluid designed in the UK to clean sensitive metals including brass, aluminium, copper, zinc, tin and alloys
  6. Part No:SI-469
    £22.50 ( £18.75 Ex. VAT)

    Aoyue 469 Soldering Iron Station with Dial Controls - 60 Watt
  7. Part No:US-CU-CA-2L
    £112.69 ( £93.91 Ex. VAT)

    2 Litre Cavitek Digital Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaner, 2L Tank with Heated Bath and extra functions such as degas, delicate and full power cleaning modes -220V
  8. Part No:US-BA-2L
    £6.97 ( £5.81 Ex. VAT)

    Pre Order Now and Save 5% or Expected Arrival Date 15 October 2019

    Basket for Allendale 2 Litre Ultrasonics
  9. Part No:US-CU-DI-1.3L
    £79.36 ( £66.13 Ex. VAT)

    1.3 Litre Digital Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaner, 1.3L Tank with Heated Bath -220V
  10. Part No:US-CU-BU-0.7L
    £47.75 ( £39.79 Ex. VAT)

    0.7 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaner, 0.7L Tank -220V
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