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PRO / UAV / JET Data Loggers

Our Pro line of data acquisition systems offer all the advanced features of our standard Seagull and Flight Data Recorder products, with additional features and capabilities demanded in high end and professional scale markets.

With a wide range of Add-ons including G-Force, EGT, CHT, GPS with Google Earth-TM overlay, OSD Video Overlay, Electric Motor Voltage and Current, and more...

PRO / UAV / JET Data Loggers

  1. Bag of 10 RPM Magnets
    Part No:RL-MAG-10
    £8.86 ( £7.38 Ex. VAT)
    Extra Magnets for the Hall Effect RPM sensor.
  2. RPM / Temp Extension Cable
    Part No:RL-RPM-EX
    £3.85 ( £3.21 Ex. VAT)
    30cm extension cable for RPM / temp sensors
  3. PowerPanel / MicroSensor/ GPS Extension Cable
    Part No:RL-EXP-EX
    £5.05 ( £4.21 Ex. VAT)
    30cm extension cable for PowerPanel / MicroSensor / GPS
  4. FPV Convertor Cable - Futaba Type Servo to RCA Video Male
    Part No:RL-RCA-SER
    £9.13 ( £7.61 Ex. VAT)
    FPV Convetor Cable Futaba Type Servo To RCA Male - For RCA connection to the OSD Expander Module
  5. Set of 4x Custom Y Servo Cables
    Part No:RL-Y-CA-4
    £13.91 ( £11.59 Ex. VAT)
    Pack of 4 Y Cables - For additional models for monitoring Servos.
  6. Replacement Custom USB Cable
    Part No:RL-USB-CA
    £8.86 ( £7.38 Ex. VAT)
    Replacement / Spare USB Cable for all Data Logger units - 1M (3')
  7. Spektrum/JR(TM) Interface Cable
    Part No:RL-SPEK
    £4.58 ( £3.82 Ex. VAT)
    Connect Your Spektrum / JR Receiver to an Eagletree logger to receive Live Data
  8. T-Fitting
    Part No:RL-T-FIT
    £1.82 ( £1.52 Ex. VAT)
  9. Additional Prandtl Pitot-Static Tube Kit
    Part No:RL-PITOT-V3
    £7.66 ( £6.38 Ex. VAT)
    Additional Prandtl Pitot-Static Tube Kit
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