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Products Under £25

RC-LOG presents a range of products under £25.

Products Under £25

  1. Part No:BAT-DC-1-PF
    £22.80 ( £19.00 Ex. VAT)

    Baty 150mm/ 6" Poly Frame Plastic Digital Vernier Caliper - DC-1-PF
  2. Part No:ME-CAL-TOL-150
    £18.74 ( £15.62 Ex. VAT)

    0-150mm (6inch) digital caliper with tolerance function.UKAS Calibration is available for this Caliper.
  3. Part No:WR100
    £27.50 ( £22.92 Ex. VAT)

    6 Inch (150mm) Fractional Imperial Digital Calipers which can display the decimal inch and fractions or display in mm.
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