RC Car / Truck Data Loggers

Whether you drive on the track or the street, with nitro or electric, with our Car Data Acquisition products, you can stop guessing about your vehicle’s performance and condition, and find out what’s happening on your vehicle, after the run or in real time! Simple to set up and operate, our complete systems install easily to provide recorded and wireless real time data at your fingertips!

RC Car / Truck Data Loggers

  1. Part No:RL-RPM
    £7.09 ( £5.91 Ex. VAT)

    Hall Effect RPM Sensor with 4 magnets
  2. Part No:RL-Y-CA-4
    £13.91 ( £11.59 Ex. VAT)

    Pack of 4 Y Cables - For additional models for monitoring Servos.
  3. Part No:RL-RPM-BR
    £11.57 ( £9.64 Ex. VAT)

    Brushless Motor RPM Sensor V2
  4. Part No:RL-CHT
    £52.16 ( £43.47 Ex. VAT)

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    Thermocouple Expander with CHT Probe Kit
  5. Part No:RL-TEMP
    £8.12 ( £6.77 Ex. VAT)

    NTC Thermistor loop Temperature Sensor 0-220°C
  6. Part No:RL-EXP-EX
    £5.05 ( £4.21 Ex. VAT)

    30cm extension cable for PowerPanel / MicroSensor / GPS
  7. Part No:RL-PITOT-V3
    £7.66 ( £6.38 Ex. VAT)

    Additional Prandtl Pitot-Static Tube Kit
  8. Part No:RL-GPS
    £61.22 ( £51.02 Ex. VAT)

    Eagletree GPS V4 Module for all logger models.
  9. Part No:RL-EGT
    £52.16 ( £43.47 Ex. VAT)

    Thermocouple Expander with EGT Probe
  10. Part No:RL-ELEC-140A
    £39.64 ( £33.03 Ex. VAT)

    FDR Electric Expander for measuring battery pack current and voltage
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