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RC Sailplane Data Loggers

We are pleased to offer our Seagull Glide system, a revolutionary Variometer and Soaring Tool for model sailplanes.

RC Sailplane Data Loggers

  1. Part No:RL-SAIL
    Ex VAT £247.82 Inc VAT £297.38
    Data Logger for Sailplane/ Gliders, with built in Variometer Altimeter and live telemetry
  2. Part No:RL-OP-RPM
    Ex VAT £8.47 Inc VAT £10.16
    Optical RPM Sensor
  3. Part No:RL-EGT
    Ex VAT £43.47 Inc VAT £52.16
    Thermocouple Expander with EGT Probe
  4. Part No:RL-EGT-PR
    Ex VAT £17.38 Inc VAT £20.86
    Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe Kit
  5. Part No:RL-CHT
    Ex VAT £43.47 Inc VAT £52.16
    Thermocouple Expander with CHT Probe Kit
  6. Part No:RL-CHT-PR
    Ex VAT £17.38 Inc VAT £20.86
    Cylinder Head Temperature Probe Kit
  7. Part No:RL-TEMP
    Ex VAT £6.77 Inc VAT £8.12
    NTC Thermistor loop Temperature Sensor 0-220°C
  8. Part No:RL-MC-TEMP
    Ex VAT £6.77 Inc VAT £8.12
    Micro Temperature Probe Sensor 0-120°C
  9. Part No:RL-RPM
    Ex VAT £5.91 Inc VAT £7.09
    Hall Effect RPM Sensor with 4 magnets
  10. Part No:RL-MAG-10
    Ex VAT £7.38 Inc VAT £8.86
    Extra Magnets for the Hall Effect RPM sensor.
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